Beaches and Wine

So I started this blog to write about my travel experiences. Turns out I can talk about them all day long to anyone but trying to get myself to sit and write about them is a lot harder… I have visited a bunch of amazing places in Chile and have not written about a single one… so I am going to backtrack a bit to October 2016 and try and catch up.

One of the first things I wanted to check out in Chile were the beaches – because there are a bunch close to Santiago – and the wine. So, back in October, two of my friends and I got in the car and drove down to Pichilemu, a little surf town about 4 hours south of Santiago. It was a little chilly since winter had just ended, but still really beautiful. We stayed in a pretty cool hostel (Hostel Patiperro) with pool and a sweet view of the ocean.IMG_7028IMG_7038IMG_7033

On the way back up, we drove through Valle de Colchagua to try some of the amazing wine from that region. Chilean wine is as good as they say. I will definitely have to check out more of those. We chose to visit Viña Montes. Amazing wines with a pretty awesome view and tour of the vineyards. IMG_7044IMG_7041IMG_7045



A brief hiatus

I made it to Chile!I have decided to take a break from teaching Spanish in the US to try teaching English abroad. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a really long time – ever since I returned from my year-long study abroad experience in Spain (‘04-05). I always knew I would live abroad again, I just couldn’t decide when. I’ve been fortunate to teach at some great schools in NC and NYC. It was really hard to leave the last one – I will never forget my Leaders community but, luckily, my co-workers there are now my friends for life.

In addition to my undergrad degree in teaching Spanish, I also have a master’s in TESOL – so I figured what better way to get experience teaching ESL than going abroad to do it? After many months of contemplating on where (in Latin America of course!) to live and sending out resumes, Chile called to me first. I got a job offer to teach adults at an institute called Dynamic English in Santiago. It will be a world of difference from teaching high school, but I am ready for the challenge (and the break). That said, I know I will definitely return to it someday. I love teaching high school – even though it is one of the toughest jobs in the world.

I’m very excited to start this next chapter of my life. Santiago seems pretty cool so far…cold, actually, because it’s winter here. I haven’t explored much – just walked around a bit to get to know my surroundings and purchase items I couldn’t fit in my suitcase. I also met a friend from Brooklyn that is going to be working at the same school as me. (Small world!) I’m staying at Hostal Providencia until I find the perfect apartment. This is a great hostel and I would definitely recommend it to anyone traveling to Santiago. Though, as much as I have loved the hostels I’ve stayed in abroad, I am very eager to have my own space in this city.

La clase de espanol
La clase de español! Last year’s students doing their roundtable presentations.
Leaders friends
My Leaders family at the Boecktista wedding.
Preparing for landing in Santiago de Chile.
Walking around Providencia
Walking to Centro Santiago

It’s been a few years since my last blog post. I’m going to make an effort to blog once a week or every couple weeks during my time here. I may even post a few throw-back travel experiences here and there if the spirits move me. Stay tuned!