My new home (for now)

I’m finally starting to feel at home here in Santiago. I’ve started my job, got an apartment and my Chilean ID card, and I’ve participated in the festivities of the fiestas patrias, which are apparently the most celebrated days in Chile next to Christmas. I picked a good time to get here!

I’m so happy to finally be in my own space! My new apartment is in an awesome location and way nicer than anything I’d ever have in New York. Plus it came with some built-in friends. 🙂 Can’t ask for anything better than that!

This first month in Chile has flown by so far. Starting the job, making friends and searching for an apartment have cut in to my exploring time, but I plan to do much more touristy stuff now that spring has arrived. Parks are usually the first to attract me. I’ve been to a few so far: Cerro San Cristóbal to get a view of the city and Parque Bicentenario where I will probably go to run whenever I can. The greenspaces here are pretty awesome – some of the best I’ve seen in a Latin American city so far. We also went to participate in the dieciocho celebrations in Parque Inés de Suarez so that I could experience my first fonda chilena.