The countdown to Ecuador is on. I am putting the final touches on my trip planning. One of my favorite things about planning a trip abroad is searching for hostels and finding out about all of the really cool lodging options that there are in a certain country. Ecuador seems to have a lot to choose from, probably due to the high volume of backpackers that travel there. There are 2 places in particular that sound really awesome: Community Hostel in Quito and El Manso Boutique Hostal in Guayaquil. Reading about these hostels and talking to the people that work there has made me even more excited to stay there and meet the other world travelers that will be staying there with me. I would recommend that everyone stay in a hostel at some point in their lives. The hospitality and sense of community that you get at a small hostel or guesthouse makes staying at a place like this much more enjoyable than staying in a large hotel.

Here are some pictures in past hostels I have stayed in. When I look at them, I remember the awesome people I met at each one and the experiences I had while staying there. I can’t wait to do it all again!

This hostel in La Fortuna, Costa Rica was one of the nicest ones I’ve stayed in. There were hammocks out front with a beautiful view of Volcan Arenal. It also had a nice pool with a swim-up bar.


This was another one in San Jose Costa Rica. There were cute little tables outside with a lot of plants all around – I’m guessing to get us ready for our rainforest adventures. This hostel included breakfast and coffee in the price which was great.



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